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New for Fall 2016: 

MinecraftEdu Birthday Parties

Robot Birthday Parties

Jr. Robotics Engineering:  Tuesdays & Thursdays | SouthGlenn Learning Center

MinecraftEdu - Parent Night Out - Fridays / Saturdays, 5pm - 8pm


We put the excitement in S.T.E.M. education by offering age appropriate, inquiry based, hands-on-learning for children ages 5 to 14 through FUN activities with LEGO® robotics, engineering and video game designing.

We offer the most comprehensive Engineering Enrichment Program!

In Engineering Summer Camps - kids will have the opportunity to explore and learn about the world of robotics, programming and engineering.  Each camp is tailored to small groups and kids close in grade and age.  Each camper can drive their own exploration and learn in the way that the feel most comfortable.

MinecraftEdu Club:
Every weekend, students can learn and play in the world of MinecraftEdu.  It's where virtual engineering meets education.  MinecraftEdu instructors create challenges and Minecraftedu worlds that excite and challenge kids to think.  Each weekend, we tackle a new opportunity to learn about engineering, math, science, physics  - kids can be creative, play and most importantly - build!  Click here to learn more about each session and to enroll. 

Home School & After School Programs:
Kids ages 5 - 14 interested in Engineering can join us during the day or after school for weekly workshops.  We host 90 minute sessions, where kids can explore engineering, robotics and programming.  Click here to view the schedule and learn more. 

Engineering for Kids Denver
6972 S Vine Street, Ste 353, Centennial, CO 80122
Next to the Arapahoe Library, in the Streets of SouthGlenn

Learn more about our programs, and read descriptions for all workshops on our Parent Portal - visit us today!

Science | Technology | Engineering | Math 

Opportunities to learn STEM subjects are all around us - in so many things that we do.  Our goal is to help you prepare your child for STEM subjects.  We encourage kids to learn difficult subjects through exploration of fun, hands-on projects and experiments.  We help you move "beyond the book" and help your kids build a strong identity and connection to STEM subjects.

Our incredible instructors are Engineers or thriving Engineering Students from top Engineering Schools in Colorado.  Changing lives and inspiring the next generation of engineers!